DICE Technologies

Digital Information Construction Engineering (DICE) Technologies provides novel, autonomous and cost-effective solutions to tackle the technological needs of the construction industry.

Backed by Science

Using the most up-to-date mathematical modeling, computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), and mechatronics instruments, we offer services to improve productivity, cost, time, safety and risk throughout the lifecycle of construction projects.

Our Clients

Our clients are building owners and construction consulting firms working in construction, inspection consulting, facilities management, restoration and cultural heritage preservation projects who are in the business of construction, technology, civil engineering, building information modeling (BIM), and research & development (R&D).

What Differentiates Us

Our solution generates an as-built model automatically without the need for manual processing, not only automating progress monitoring but more importantly giving you a degree of certainty as to what level your project complies with the Building Information Model (BIM).

Dr. Reza Maalek

Founder & CTO

Dr. Reza Maalek is an academic with great passion towards revolutionizing the construction industry through complete digitization, paving the way to the conception of industry 4.0 in construction (construction 4.0).

He was the Founder of the Automated Monitoring and Control System Group at the University of Calgary, which was the recipient of the prestigious Alberta Science and Technology (ASTech) awards for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology in 2018. ASTech award is the highest honour in science and technology in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Other than years of practical experience in automated construction monitoring and control in real-world projects, he has also taught construction engineering and management at both the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

With a decade of practical expertise in creating innovative, proven and robust solutions to automate fundamental construction industry processes, he is eager to build upon this success and provide even more comprehensive and integrated frameworks to address all the industry’s technological needs.

About the Logo

A dice represents risk, uncertainty and opportunity. When a dice is rolled, each side dictates an associated outcome, which changes the course of a game. In construction projects, various risks exist, which must be mitigated.

Here, at DICE Technologies, we aim at providing comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks related to construction technologies (or lack thereof).

The dices in the LOGO represents the multifaceted approach of DICE Technologies towards mitigating construction risks and uncertainties through applying novel, state-of-the-art, and innovative technologies and solutions.

Our goal is to work with our clients so that their projects always achieve “double sixes” and project’s success is no longer left to chance.

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